UDC 34


Golovin Nikita Mihaylovich
Perm State National Research University
Post-Graduate student of Civil Law

The paper is devoted to one of the «ancient» problems of civil law - delineation civil-law casus and insurmountable force. The author states that the known theories on this matter are characterized by disadvantages. It is concluded that it is impossible to resolve the stated problem not taking into account what category of «civil-law casus» covers two different and mutually disjoint phenomenon: the outer casus the and the inner casus which coincide with each other less than either of them in relation to the phenomenon of insurmountable force. Therefore delineation with insurmountable force should be carried out separately for each type of civil-law casus.

Keywords: civil-law casus, external nature, extraordinary, insurmountable force, non-preventable

Article reference:
Golovin N.M. Delineation of the categories «civil-law casus» and «insurmountable force» // Politics, State and Law. 2013. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2013/02/653

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