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Smirnova Viktoria Evgen'evna
Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
candidate of sociological Sciences, doctoral student of the Department of sociology and personnel management Author of over 50 scientific works, including 1 monograph. Sphere of scientific interests - sociology and psychology of work,political science, professional orientation.

Negative tendencies in development of modern political system of Russia are analysed. Positive sides of the Soviet socialism are allocated. The special attention is given the description of distinctions of the western and pravoslavno-slavic civilisations. The class structure of a modern Russian society is presented. The hypothesis about possible construction of communism by revolutionary struggle of living in misery classes against bourgeoisie is put forward.

Article reference:
Smirnova V.E. From spirituality to revolution // Politics, State and Law. 2013. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2013/09/957

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