UDC 327


Kim Julia Sengilevna
Transbaikal State University

The problems of interpretation of the Asia-Pacific region are analyzed in this article. The views of scientists and politicians from different countries are analyzed for the inclusion of the various regions in Asia-Pacific region. The author points to the complexity and sometimes the inability to determine what integration groupings can be included in this region and what the true state of the integration process is . On the basis of this analysis , the author proposed to allocate that there is no supranational structure Asia-Pacific region like in EU and integration is carried out at three levels: at the level of APEC , which is sort of a soft type of integration, suitable for such diverse Asia-Pacific region , at the level of sub-regional integration groupings - such as ASEAN and bilateral level . It also indicates the difficulty to predict how long the fragmentary state of integration processes in the Asia-Pacific region , and when Asian integration associations become more definite shape and offered a few scenarios .

Article reference:
Kim J.S. Condition, prospects and development of integration processes in the Asia-Pacific region // Politics, State and Law. 2014. № 8 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2014/08/1606

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