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Filimonova Irina Vladimirovna
Pyatigorsk state linguistic University
PhD of legal sciences, associate professor of the Department of theory and history of state and law

Statehood and legal system of Ancient Sparta was not sufficiently investigated. Basically Sparta was the object of the research of historians and culturologists Soviet time; this quite natural scientists paid attention to features of life and achievements of the Spartan society in whole, but not separate the state and legal phenomenon. Meanwhile, legal aspects of life in Ancient Sparta are of considerable interest for the study, though, because once Sparta was one of the powerful, prosperous States of Ancient Greece, and the positive experience of the state and legal construction is always worthy of attention. We should not deny the influence of the Spartan ideology of political and legal views of many thinkers of the Ancient world and middle Ages, and even the New time. Finally, political and legal history of Ancient Sparta largely surrounded by myths that have no real basis and therefore in need debunking. The subject of this research are social and political system, as well as the legal system of Ancient Sparta (X-II centuries BC). Based on the analysis of the present historical data the author puts before itself the following objectives: identification of the characteristics of education Spartan state, establishment of the structure of the Spartan society, its impact on the system of bodies of state power, identifying sources Spartan law. The purpose of the article is the establishment of specificity of the state system of Ancient Sparta. In the end, the conclusion is that Sparta was a unique state of the ancient world - aristocratic slave Republic of community-based military nature with the lingering remnants of tribal relations. The obtained results allow to create bright and clear view of the state system of Ancient Sparta.

Article reference:
Filimonova I.V. Peculiarities of social, political system and legal system of Ancient Sparta // Politics, State and Law. 2014. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2014/09/1883

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