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Markina Ilona Leonovna
Belgorod National Research University
student of the department of social technologies of the direction "State and municipal management"

This article analyzes the legal implications of social control over the activities of public authorities. The establishment in Russia of a number of opportunities to identify the state of moods and desires of society, to identify issues that require special attention power. The problems of implementation of the proposals contained in the final documents, the nomination of the public initiative. On the basis of normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, the author comes to the conclusion that there are contradictions in the declared and the real possibilities of the reports of the results of public scrutiny before the state authorities. The author draws attention to the need to modernize the regulatory implementation of the outcomes of the public monitoring of activities in the work of public authorities and proposes a number of measures to improve in this area.

Keywords: challenge of acts, consequences of public control, final document, omissions to act, public control, public initiative, public opinion, regulatory acts challenge, result of public control, Russian public initiative

Article reference:
Markina I.L. Legal consequences of the realization of public internet initiative // Politics, State and Law. 2016. № 5 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2016/05/3906

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