Author: Oberst

Author's name: Тиханычев Олег Васильевич

Articles of the author in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Tikhanycheva E.O. О моделировании взаимодействия этносов

№ 2 February 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Über die Verbesserung der ethnischen Interaktionsmodelle

№ 4 April 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Tikhanycheva E.O. One approach to solving optimization problems in economics

March, 2016

Tikhanycheva E.O. The economy of import substitution: aspects in the production of Russian regional aircraft

June, 2016

Tikhanycheva E.O. Production of regional aviation in Russia: new aspects

August, 2016

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Tikhanychev O.V. Some problems of application of combat robotics

March, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The use of mobile technology

July, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. System approach to the organization of the automated decision support

August, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Generalized Modell des Einflusses der "passionarity Temperatur" auf die Stabilität der Sozialsysteme

September, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Helicopter capital of Russia

November, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The formalization of reality and modern society

January, 2017

Парадигма обеспечения качества управления в информационную эпоху

January, 2019

Повышение скрытности объектов: история и современность

March, 2020

Tikhanychev O.V. Problemi soggettivi dell'applicazione della modellistica matematica delle operazioni military

June, 2020

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Tikhanychev O.V. Field glory of Russian arms

January, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Russian Guards artillery: anniversaries that were not

February, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Combat knife: Past and Present

March, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Fortress of faith, and not only...

April, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The problem with using formal approaches as the paradox of the Information Age

May, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The history of the development of small infantry blades

June, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The new military science

July, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. The enemy did not go three more days in the city, did not believe that the troops left him ... On the 75th anniversary of the landing near Grigor'evka

August, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V., Tikhanycheva E.O. On forecasting migration flows

January, 2017

Tikhanychev O.V. By the 190th anniversary of the creation in our country missile units

March, 2017

Последнее наступление русской армии в Великой войне

June, 2017

Не просто крепость веры…

January, 2018

Корпус «черных ножей»: от Орла до Праги

May, 2018

Суброгация: некоторые технические аспекты

July, 2018

Articles of the author in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Tikhanychev O.V. Active monitoring as a basis for effective management of distributed systems

February, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Methods to improve stealth objects on the battlefield: historical retrospective

July, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. «Augmented reality» and decision support

October, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Modeling as a major prediction means in decision making support systems

October, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. Once again the question of enhancing the effectiveness of the development of software products

December, 2016

Tikhanychev O.V. At the forefront of the scientific front

April, 2017