Articles by keyword «интеграция»

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Drobot E.V. Новый мировой порядок и перспективы института государства в XXI веке

№ 10 October 2014

Semina V.V. International Organization for Migration as a Participant of Migrants’ Integration

№ 2 February 2016

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Loginova N.V. The consequences of Russia's entry into WTO

May, 2013

Fedorova A.V. Integration of universities and innovative enterprises: aspects of knowledge management

December, 2013

Demchenko A.I., Bulycheva E.A. Strategic research of integration processes on the example of the market of services of cellular communication

July, 2014

Astashova J.V., Marakhovskaya E.M. Management of finance of the integrated logistic systems of holdings: statement of a problem

January, 2015

Tikhankin G.A. Economic benefits and advantages to the organization including system of ecological management in the general system of management

June, 2015

Makkaeva R.S.A. The formation of the innovation system of the Chechen Republic

January, 2017

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Malinovskaya I.G. Transnational corporations and international legal regulation of their activities

November, 2013

Burdonos L.I. Tools of the higher education of Ukraine to the european standards

March, 2014

Demchenko A.I. Approaches to identification of business processes of the enterprise logistics system

March, 2014

Pozdnyakov K.Y. Basic theoretical bases of formation of integration processes

April, 2014

Vedernikova K.V. Choosing a solution to automate the procurement of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (VSUES)

June, 2014

Zhebrik E.L. Improving customs administration as a crucial step in development of customs

September, 2014

Sharf A.A. Features of quasiintegration structure formation

October, 2014

Fomenko V.V. Financial innovations in the medical insurance

November, 2014

Sharf A.A. Cluster structures among other forms of integration associations

November, 2014

Shaikhutdinov A.M. The possibility of using cloud technologies in energy sector

February, 2015

Kartasheva A.V. Features of formation of communication in adolescents with autism in terms of integrative camp for independent living

June, 2015

Kayumova E.I. Integration enterprises in the industry market. The Russian market of mergers and acquisitions

October, 2015

Markova S.D. Acculturation: the theory of question

December, 2015

Grigorieva V.A., Pobirchenko V.V. SCO cooperation: prospects of interaction

December, 2015

Komlev V.S. Russia's role in the establishment of the Eurasian integration

January, 2016

Syardova O.M. Potential supply chain management "supplier - customer"

May, 2016

Tarasova T.V. Perspective directions of development innovations in agrarian business

November, 2016

Batrakova Y.A. Visual constituent of advertisement: social and aesthetic analysis

April, 2017

Kudryavets A.S. Correlation of business forms in the context of economic globalization

April, 2017

Процесс интеграции внешнеэкономической деятельности в странах Ближнего Востока в эпоху глобализации

September, 2017

Специфика интеграции эко-маркетинга в локальный консалтинг

January, 2018

Проблема трудоустройства выпускников в условиях интеграции России в европейское пространство

December, 2018

Сущность и особенности психоаналитической педагогики

November, 2020

Специализированный документальный фонд библиотек как объект терминологического анализа

February, 2021

Интеграция оптического искусства в дизайне интерьера

July, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Kulikova J.P. State regulation of the management of innovation in higher education through the integration of education and research activities

January, 2012

Lapin Y.A. Academic philological disciplines’ integration as the methodology of the philologist’s training

April, 2013

Alexander V.F. Modern culture-orientated education in the context of sense-genetic approach (some aspects)

September, 2013

Nizova L.M., Pirogova M.V. Problem of child disability and rehabilitation of children with disabilities in the case of the Republic of Mari El

October, 2013

Demchenko A.I. Customer relationship management in the logistics chain

March, 2014

Danyliuk E.Y. The problem of spiritual self-determination of Ukrainians in a multiplicity of alternatives

April, 2014

Demchenko A.I., Vaganov M.A. Logistic chain as industrial and commercial association of partners

April, 2014

Musienko S.O. The comparative analysis of the main form of financing small industrial enterprises

August, 2014

Kovalenko V.S., Lobov A.V. Implementation of Russian projects in the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

August, 2015

Volk A.E. European migration crisis in terms of inefficiency of political institutions

December, 2015

Dzhurilo T.M., Kovalenko V.S. Metric industry analysis in russia and abroad

June, 2016

Khripunova E.A., Zmeeva N.Y. The integration of teaching the English language and computer programming languages

June, 2016

Osmushina A.A. Social philosophic foundations and functions of the comic of various social groups

July, 2016

Latypov R.T., Shvedov V.V. The Institute's activities of the Permanent mission of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation in the field of interregional cooperation

November, 2016

Shumaev V.A., Morkovkin D.E. The establishment of logistics systems in the globalized economy

February, 2017

Проблемы интеграции мигрантов в Республике Хакасия

June, 2017

Анализ зарубежных практик интеграции мигрантов

June, 2017

Переходный период интеграции Республики Крым в Российскую Федерацию

September, 2017

Articles in journal «Philology and literature»

Krylova M.N. Integration and differentiation as the processes of language development: history, current status and perspectives

February, 2014

Articles in journal «Psychology, sociology and pedagogy»

Konkinа E.V., Nikolaevа N.A., Savinova I.A. The integration of migrant children into russian culture with animation

February, 2014

Kreyk A.I., Khudyakova N.I. Cooperativity as a fundamental feature of mankind

June, 2014

Pokrovskaya E.M., Smolnikova L.V., Larionova A.V. Problem of the model creation for international students' sociocultural integration

November, 2014

Berseneva N.V. «Image of the world» as a subject of philosophical-cultural studies

November, 2014

Bogdanova V.V., Shtepa J.P. Organization integrated lessons of computer science with other subjects

November, 2014

Balalajeva O.Y. Integrative relations of Latin language course in the training of veterinary students

February, 2015

Vodyasova L.P. The integrative approach in studying philological disciplines in the pedagogical institute

March, 2015