Articles by keyword «Orthodoxy»

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Molkin A.N., Koroleva L.A., Korolev A.A. Пензенская епархия в 1960-1980-е гг.

№ 11 November 2014

Molkin A.N., Koroleva L.A. Изменения в конфессиональной практике православных организаций России в 1990-е гг. (по материалам Пензенской области)

№ 11 November 2014

Sokolovskiy K.G. К вопросу современного состояния государственно-конфессиональных отношений в Республике Казахстан

№ 2 February 2016

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Micku N.V., Davydov A.S. The Penza diocese at the end of the 1980-1990th

January, 2015

Kinal A.V., Miku N.V. Evangelical activity of orthodox clergy of the Penza region in 1940-1980

January, 2015

Kinal A.V., Vazerova A.G. Regulation of the fiscal relations of the state and orthodox associations of the Penza region. 1940-1980th.

January, 2015

Vanyukova I.A. Influence of religious values on the economy and its development

June, 2015

Babayeva A.V., Shmeleva N.V., Mishenko A.N. "Women's question" in the light of modern Orthodox theology

August, 2015

Babayeva A.V., Karavashkina N.E. The Orthodox concept of knowledge

November, 2016

Hretinina O.A. The Orthodox Education of Nobles in a Family and in a School (18th - first half of the 19th century)

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Poznakhirev V.V. Turkish prisoners in the Russian Imperial Courtin XVIII - XIX centuries

May, 2012

Komleva E.V. Orthodoxy, the phenomenon of nuclear energy and geosciences

March, 2013

Verzhbitskaya E.J. Political views оf I.V. Kirievsky

June, 2013

Silvanovich S.A. Poles in Lithuania and Belarus in the second half of XIX - early XX century

July, 2014

Hretinina O.A. Content of the subject Scripture in educational institutions of the Russian Empire in the 18-19th centuries

November, 2016