UDC 340.134


Aldashev Sanzhar Bolotovich
of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University B.N. Elcin
law faculty

This article examines the prospects for the development of legislation, in particular the process of law-making of the Kyrgyz Republic. There presents the existing problems and their solutions, with the theoretical and practical points of view. The article was written in the analysis of the study of works of scientists in the field of jurisprudence and history, and, therefore, supported by authoritative sources. The main attention is paid to the reformation and modernization of the procedure for the adoption of legal acts and is inspired by the concept of development of the process of law-making of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article reference:
Aldashev S.B. Modernization of the law-making in the Kyrgyz Republick // Politics, State and Law. 2013. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://politika.snauka.ru/en/2013/10/1004

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